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Our People

Pioneers in new frontiers for freedom

Jameel Motors

Pioneers in new frontiers for freedom

With the same pioneering spirit and thoughtful dedication to growing our businesses, practiced by our founder; today’s Jameel Motors leadership team brings international, diverse experience and expertise to uncover potential and realize value – opening new frontiers for freedom in the new connected mobility economy.



Executive Leadership

Welcome to Jameel Motors, the global Mobility Sector brand of Abdul Latif Jameel.

As we begin our transformation from the rich heritage of a more traditional automotive distribution and retail organization to an international mobility business, we introduced the ‘Jameel Motors’ brand as our flagship new identity for the rapidly developing global mobility sector.

Jameel Motors is indeed a hallmark of automotive excellence that embodies nearly 7 decades of proven success since we began our journey, as the official distribution partner for Saudi Arabia to Toyota Motor Corporation, in 1955.

Our international track record of operational performance, good governance, and deep market knowledge as a pioneering independent distributor, enables our OEM partners grow closer to their customers while limiting risk, driving both market share and sustainable growth with high customer satisfaction and loyalty – particularly in rapidly growing markets.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Jasmmine Wong

Vice President, Mobility

Abdul Latif Jameel