Our Values & The Jameel Principles

Jameel Motors

The Jameel Principles

The Jameel Principles are fundamental building blocks of our shared corporate culture.

They are based on four core and fundamental values: Respect, Improve, Pioneer and Empower.

These values reflect the personal values of our late founder, Abdul Latif Jameel, and successive generations of the Jameel family, as well as the priorities of our business – and our people – today.  



Respect is one of our most substantial values and has deep roots within Abdul Latif Jameel.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible business and conducting our commercial operations with integrity and honesty. This approach manifests itself in our respect for our Associates, our customers, business partners, and the societies in which we operate.

We interact with each other with utmost sincerity, fairness and equality; regardless of gender, ethnicities, backgrounds, or religions.

We listen to understand each other’s needs and concerns and will do our best to resolve them.

Jameel Motors respects our Associates’ desire for growth and development, to become better professionals and pursue a better life. As a result, both Associates and Jameel Motors strive to create a reciprocal relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and a shared responsibility.

Of course, we appreciate that our customers will always have numerous choices. And so, we work hard to earn their trust and loyalty. We always endeavor to stand in our customers’ shoes, and continuously work to improve, and to anticipate and exceed their expectations.

We deal with our business partners with honor, integrity, fairness, and transparency, working to find mutual ground to guarantee success for both parties.

We understand that businesses have a vital role to play in supporting communities, providing opportunities, and enabling local economic growth.


We are dedicated to continuous improvement and to consistently challenging ourselves to be better . . . every day.

We are precise with our actions and passionate about the details that make the difference.

With this at the core of our business, we place a strong focus on continuously improving our products and services – embodied in the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’ – to deliver an exceptional experience for everyone we do business with.


At Jameel Motors, we see challenge as opportunity – always looking for new ideas, and innovating to make a real, and sustainable, difference.

We have retained the visionary and determined outlook of our late founder, Abdul Latif Jameel, who was dedicated to thoughtful conscientious growth and the pursuit of positive change.

It is this pioneering spirit that keeps us moving forward today, unlocking new potential and realizing new opportunities.


We believe in the power of our people.

And so, we provide our Associates with freedom and encouragement to contribute to achieving our vision, empowering them, and enabling their creativity to flourish for our mutual development.