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Jameel Motors

Opening new frontiers in freedom

We’re looking beyond today’s traditional transportation models as a key player in the worldwide transformational change that is leading us to truly sustainable mobility for all.

Our relationship with how we move people, and goods, around our world is undergoing what is potentially the biggest disruptive shift in in how we perceive – and experience – the concept of ‘mobility’ – and this is happening much faster than perhaps anyone dreamed possible just a few short years ago.

From rapidly accelerating advances in materials and propulsion technologies, to alternative fuels, and rising environmental awareness.

These advances, coupled with the regulatory developments and changes in consumer behavior that they drive, are leading us to an inflection point in the industry that has the potential to create a transformation on a scale similar to the introduction of the internal combustion engine itself, which brought an end to thousands of years of horsepower.

One man’s vision

for a connected society

Passenger Vehicles

A trusted distribution partner…

With nearly seven decades of proven international expertise in distribution, we are continually striving to add value for our OEM partners across the entire automotive value chain.

From import and distribution, through marketing, promotion, and sales, to service, parts, accessorization, warranty, repair and support, we offer the ability for scale with nearly 600 representation points across eight international markets spanning the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and Asia.

Working with globally recognized automotive manufacturers and brands, including Toyota Motor Corporation, Ford Motor Company, SAIC (MG Motor), GAC Motor and BYD, we operate a broad network of sales and service locations, providing logistics, preparation and storage facilities that handle hundreds of thousands of vehicles, and millions of parts, every year.

Our proven international track record of operational excellence, good governance, and deep market knowledge as a pioneering independent distributor, enables our OEM partners grow closer to their customers while limiting risk, driving both market share and sustainable growth with high customer satisfaction and loyalty – particularly in rapidly growing markets.

As we began our transformation from a traditional automotive distribution and retail business to an international mobility business, we introduced our ‘Jameel Motors’ umbrella brand in 2023 – our new identity in the rapidly emerging global mobility sector.
1945 – Our commercial adventure begins . . .

In 1945, with the formation of the United Nations and massive reconstruction of the economies and infrastructures of Europe and Pacific countries arising out of the ashes of war – a new age was quickly dawning.

Our founder, the late Abdul Latif Jameel, saw an opportunity that was not only both commercial and entrepreneurial, but could also help develop the lives of his countrymen and so began his quest to meet the expanding need for consumer choice in personal transportation and opened his first automotive outlet – a single gas station also selling American car parts, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.