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Innovative new finance app for Turkey’s car buyers

Jameel MotorsIstanbul, Turkey
November 16 , 2017
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Getting on the road for car buyers in Turkey is now quicker and easier than ever thanks to an innovative new e-contract process developed by Abdul Latif Jameel’s finance arm in Turkey, ALJ Finans.

To get started, applicants need only their ID number and the ALJ Finans app – called KredimOL. They then choose their car, calculate their instalments, select their preferred dealer and complete their credit application.  The result of their application is emailed to them in less than five minutes.

If approved, contracts and documents are sent through a bespoke electronic platform which was developed in just three months.  All contracts and documents can be read and signed easily on mobile devices, eliminating the need for significant paperwork.

The ‘e-contract’ service is designed to support Abdul Latif Jameel’s automotive business and is part of ALJ Finans’ ongoing digitalization strategy.

Since the launch in June 2013, ALJ Finans continues to investment in its commitment to customer convenience, offering Turkish consumers

As an important part of the digitalization strategy of ALJ Finans, mobility tools aim to enhance and complement the customer journey, through self-service and customized solutions which bridges customer need and operational process.

Jameel Motors
Jameel Motors
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