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A Pedigree of Excellence from 1955 to 2023; the new Toyota Crown launches in Saudi Arabia

Jameel MotorsDiriyah, Saudi Arabia
June 14 , 2023
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The launch celebration was attended by dignitaries including IWAI Fumio (岩井 文男), Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (center), and Saudi racing drivers, Dania Akeel (center left) and Yazeed Al-Rajhi (center right).

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Saudi Arabia has launched the highly anticipated 2023 Toyota Crown at a VIP event in Diriyah, a city in the Riyadh region, Saudi Arabia, marking a “new era of elegance, sophistication, and cutting-edge technology”. 

As the authorized distributor of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia since 1955, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors shares a special historical bond with the Crown model, the original version of which was launched in the same year as Abdul Latif Jameel and Toyota signed their first agreement.

As a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and deep appreciation of its history, the 16th-generation Crown showcases the unparalleled craftsmanship and dynamic driving experience for which it is renowned.

The 2023 model features the first hybrid electric powertrain and Toyota’s first-ever 2.4 liter inline four-cylinder turbo engine, mated with direct shift six-speed automatic transmission.  The new Crown model can be driven entirely on electrical power with zero fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions, or by combining the power generated from the petrol engine and the electric motor, depending on the vehicle’s speed and the customer’s driving behavior.

The hybrid-electric batteries are continuously charged by either the petrol engine or when decelerating and braking, eliminating the need to plug in a power cord.  A host of advanced technologies ensure the hybrid-electric model drives like any other conventional vehicle and does not require special fuel.

Kei Fujita-san, Middle East and Central Asia Representative ‎Office, Toyota Motor Corporation said:

“We are thrilled to announce the return of the legend and introduce the highly anticipated new Toyota Crown in the Middle East.  Built to deliver an intuitive driving experience, this new premium vehicle brings powerful acceleration and confident handling, along with supreme comfort for a sophisticated ride, all wrapped in a bold new design.

“Introducing the Crown with hybrid electric powertrains further demonstrates our wholehearted dedication to achieving carbon neutrality. We extend our gratitude to our customers in the region and beyond for continuously inspiring us as we strive to innovate and create ‘ever-better cars’ that surpass their expectations.”

The Crown first made its debut in 1955 as Toyota’s first mass-produced passenger vehicle.  According to the manufacturer, the 2023 Crown returns to its roots with “a new emblem that champions the tradition and innovation it symbolizes.  The vehicle is a unique blend of styles, featuring the refined aesthetic of a luxury sedan, the sleek design of a sports car, and the spacious interior of an SUV.  This vehicle sets itself apart from the norm and offers a fresh take on premium sedans.”

Mazin Ghazi Jameel, Managing Director, Toyota Marketing Operations, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Saudi Arabia, added:

“We proudly introduce the all-new 2023 CROWN in Saudi Arabia, as this iconic luxury sedan embodies Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ commitment to excellence, delivering the perfect blend of performance, luxury, and style.

“The vehicle has enjoyed a rich and illustrious history in Saudi Arabia, where it has captivated generations of discerning guests with its timeless appeal and exceptional driving experience.  We pay homage to this cherished legacy while introducing a vehicle that blends legendary reliability with cutting-edge technology, redefining what a luxury sedan can be.”

The 2023 Crown offers a range of driving modes that cater to different preferences and driving styles, including NORMAL, ECO, SPORT, SPORT+, and Comfort. Additionally, there is a CUSTOM mode that allows travelers to personalize the vehicle’s settings based on their specific driving habits.  Find out more at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors.

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