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Toyota establishes Mobility & Energy Liaison Office for Saudi Arabia

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December 13 , 2020
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  • New office will work to promote zero-emission vehicles and sustainable mobility as well as collaborate with Saudi organizations on mobility-related clean energy projects

Underlining its strong commitment to promoting zero-emission vehicles and sustainable mobility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has established a new Mobility & Energy Liaison Office for the country.  The opening of Toyota’s first office of its kind in the region builds on the momentum generated during productive discussions on sustainability at the recent 2020 G20 Riyadh Summit and aims to support the objectives of Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s roadmap for a more sustainable future.

The Toyota Liaison Office for Mobility & Energy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will function as Toyota’s window on a wide range of sustainable mobility-related topics. The office will also seek to partner with public and other private sector organizations on mobility-related clean energy projects in order to share Toyota’s expertise in the field and advance the Kingdom’s drive for sustainability. Toyota’s long-standing distributor in Saudi Arabia, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, will support with operations and project delivery.

Akitoshi Takemura, General Manager, Middle East & Central Asia Division, Toyota Motor Corporation, commented:

“The Toyota Liaison Office for Mobility & Energy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been launched to enable us to actively engage with Saudi companies and the local authorities on key sustainability projects. Together, we will seek out new ways to minimize the environmental impact of vehicles and make a positive contribution to the future of the planet through the development of groundbreaking mobility solutions and better use of energy. By joining hands and sharing our expertise and resources, we want to further the Kingdom’s clean energy agenda and help achieve the ambitious targets outlined in Vision 2030.”

As the chair of this year’s G20, the Kingdom advocated the concept of the Circular Carbon Economy (CCE). Meanwhile, ambitious projects such as the futuristic mega-city of NEOM are laying the ground for a sustainable future by focusing on zero-emission mobility solutions.

Takemura continued:

“Saudi Arabia’s sustainable mobility goals cannot be achieved by automakers alone; close collaboration is required with energy companies, government entities, and most importantly, vivid feedback from interactions with real customers in the market. With this in mind, we have taken this strategic step to be there on the ground and absorb the inspiration of the Kingdom’s forward-thinking approach to address the needs directly, in line with the objectives of our Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.”

Hassan Jameel, Deputy President and Vice Chairman, Abdul Latif Jameel said:

“We are delighted to see Toyota bring their expertise and vision to Saudi Arabia, and we look forward to working closely with the Toyota Liaison Office for Mobility & Energy for Saudi Arabia to support key sustainability projects which have the capacity to transform the Kingdom’s mobility sector. As a Saudi company, we are committed to making an active contribution to the Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) and aligning our goals against Vision 2030 and the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, charting a roadmap for a sustainable future for the Kingdom.”

Saudi Arabia’s sustainability journey mirrors Toyota’s transformation from an automotive company to a global mobility company in CASE era. Building on Toyota’s proud history of environmental initiatives, the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 forms the foundation of the company’s long-term environmental strategy as it continues to implement bold steps to go beyond zero environmental impact towards delivering positive environmental benefits.

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