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Lexus Türkiye wins Brandverse Gold Award for NX phygital launch

Jameel MotorsIstanbul, Turkey
September 27 , 2022
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Luxury automotive brand Lexus Türkiye has picked up a prestigious Gold Award in the recent Brandverse Awards, which evaluates all old and new generation marketing, communication and advertising efforts across the country.

Selected by a jury of experts, Lexus Türkiye was recognized for their Lexus NX phygital press launch event which was a unique and pioneering ‘Metaverse Experience’.  Lexus Türkiye was the only brand to pick up a Gold Award in the Launch / Relaunch Communications category and the win was shared with Ondokuz Organization, the PR and events management agency which helped create the experience.

Lexus was commended for pushing the boundaries by stepping out of conventional automotive launches with this event.  Press members met in a large hall in Belek, Antalya and were positioned at tables spaced apart.  Each participant received state-of-the-art, high-tech VR glasses which allowed everyone to make an intuitive entrance into this digital world, specially prepared for Lexus in the Metaverse universe.

Participants met with Lexus executives, chatted with their colleagues, and even interviewed executives for the first time within the Metaverse environment.  Guests enjoyed the interactive gamification elements, such as building the new NX in various different environments, specifically designed with the Lexus design theme in mind.

After the Metaverse experience, the new NX was physically introduced on the stage. In this way, the physical world and the digital world were brought together with the launch of the Lexus NX and this “Phygital Press Launch” became a media first in the automotive sector in Türkiye.

During the Q&A session, feedback indicated that the NX event had exceeded guests’ expectations.  In addition, Lexus NX’s specially created NFT artworks were presented in the metaverse and were given as a gift to members of the press.  At the end of the event, NX test drives were arranged for each participant.

Jameel Motors
Jameel Motors
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