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Abdul Latif Jameel Industrial Equipment wins two awards

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors wins gold for fostering Kaizen culture

Jameel MotorsJeddah, Saudi Arabia
April 5 , 2023
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The Best in Town (BIT) Retail Operations team from Abdul Latif Jameel Motors Saudi Arabia has been awarded as the winner of the 2022 ‘Gold Award’ for its initiative of continuously improving (Kaizen) its operations, presented by representatives from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

The Award is a prestigious recognition of the remarkable efforts made by the BIT Retail Operations team, representing Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, to enhance the guest experience and its unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding guest services throughout Saudi Arabia, earning a highly esteemed reputation.

The BIT Retail Operations team was recognized by TMC for achieving the highest score among distributors across the Middle East.  The team was instrumental in demonstrating the implementation of Kaizen – leading to a direct impact on enhancing the guest experience by focusing on reducing wait times, improving the quality of service, and streamlining processes to enhance efficiency.  The Award is a testament to the team’s commitment to continuous improvement resulting in a significant positive impact on the guest experience.

Since 1955, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors has worked together with Toyota Motor Corporation to deliver a premium experience of automotive ownership and aftersales services in Saudi Arabia. Leveraging decades of considerable expertise across the mobility value chain, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors continues to improve products and services, meeting the evolving needs of its guests.

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