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Abdul Latif Jameel Motors introduces Augmented Reality through new Toyota Saudi Select mobile app

Jameel MotorsJeddah, Saudi Arabia
October 10 , 2018
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  • Toyota Saudi Select mobile app designed to enable users to identify the car they want, discover its specifications and explore its in-depth features via their mobile phone.
  • Launch of the mobile app forms part of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ wider commitment to improve and enhance ‘guest’ experiences.
  • Follows the recent activation of the new J-SAP system, designed to improve performance, efficiency and and customer service.

Continuing its efforts to keep consumers up to date with latest communications and interactive technologies, Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, the authorized distributor of Toyota vehicles in Saudi Arabia, has released the new Toyota Saudi Select mobile app for iOS and ANdroid. The app offers a new and innovative shopping experience that allows users to discover the specs of Toyota vehicles and view them on a virtual car in 3D using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Users are able to change the color of the car, turn its lights and engine on or off, and show or hide the car’s default environment. Additionally, the user can view the car’s interior from all angles (360 degrees), fill out a request to test drive the car and download each car’s individual brochure.

Munir Khoja, Director of Marketing Communications at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, expressed his pleasure with the new app, commenting:

“This mobile app has been launched in order to enhance communication with Toyota fans in Saudi Arabia and support them by providing detailed, interactive information about cars that spark their interest, including specs and colors; thereby communicating with them before they even set a foot in the showroom.”

Khoja also paid tribute to Saudi women after the Royal decree that permitted women to drive in Saudi Arabia went into effect:

“We invite Saudi Arabian women to download the mobile app and enjoy viewing and choosing the car of their choice.”

AR is one of today’s most promising technologies, as it relies on dropping virtual objects and information into the user’s environment. It can both provide additional information or serve as a guide to discovering the ‘right fit’ vehicle for individual Toyota customers. As AR generates a presentation combining the user’s real-life surroundings with the virtual image built through this technology, it augments their reality with additional information.

Users can download the Toyota Saudi Select from the App Store or the Google Play store

Jameel Motors
Jameel Motors
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